Outline Programme

Wednesday 21 June 2017
12:30Opening of meeting
Plenary session
15:00Coffee break
15:45Paediatric Burns in The ICU
17:00Free papers
18:00Welcome reception
Thursday 22 June 2017
08:00Poster rounds
09:00Plenary session: Research in Paediatric Burns
10:30Coffee break
11:00Free papers
11:30Paediatric case studies
12:30Lunch/Sponsored symposium
13:30Dressing changes in children
15:00Global perspectives
Friday 23 June 2017
08:00Poster rounds
09:00Plenary session: Reconstruction after burns in childhood
10:30Coffee break
11:00“The Family Forum”
12:30Lunch/Sponsored symposium
13:30Paediatric Case studies
15:00Free papers and bell session
16:30Coffee break
17:00Plenary session: “One thing I have changed in my practice in the last year”
Closing ceremony

Confirmed Speakers

Peter Dziewulski

Doug Johnson

Roy Kimble

Michael Kuo

Barry Lambert

Naiem Moiemen

Tina Palmieri

Michael Peck

Tom Potokar

Habib Rahman

Clemens Schiestl